Wishing an Ideal Velux Skylight for Your Home

Wishing an Ideal Velux Skylight for Your Home

Velux SkylightsSkylights are a excellent addition if you want to bring natural light to a room or for creating a sense of lightness and space. There are ventilating skylights which produce an ideal addition to kitchens or bathrooms, tubular skylights that fit into just about any size area, and skylights in just about any shape such as rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, and much more. So, before deciding upon the ideal skylight for your home, you should take some time to think about which sort of skylight is ideal for you with regard to the positives and negatives of each type in addition to the purpose of the skylight.

Types of Skylight

There are main types of skylight: fixed, ventilated, tubular, flat glass, and domed.

  • Fixed skylights provide additional light and make a excellent addition to attics, family rooms, or any place you want to have more natural light without needing venting. Fixed skylights are among the hottest and they are available in a huge selection of shapes.
  • Ventilated skylights can be opened and closed to allow the passage of air. These make a excellent addition to kitchens and bathrooms, and they can be controlled by temperature sensor, remote control, wall switch, and manual or motorized cranks.
  • Tubular skylights are among the most recent styles. They are popular since they are small and may be utilized where semi skylights would not fit. They allow for the passing of light and they are installed the exact same manner as regular skylights.
  • Flat glass skylights are made into a frame and may be put directly into a cut hole in your roof. Normally, horizontal glass skylights include all of the installation materials and they are one of the easiest to install. Moreover, since they are glass, these horizontal skylights are not as likely to scratch.
  • Domed oil skylights are among the most affordable, especially compared to glass options. These skylights can be found in many different tints, which make them an attractive addition to any home or room. Regrettably, domed acrylic skylights do not give the identical sound protection as glass varieties, and they are far more prone to leaking.


Now You Know a Little bit about the kinds of Velux skylights available, you should take some time to think about their function. Evidently, Velux Skylights provide added day light, and they might even offer ventilation. But, heat gain and loss can also be a consideration you need to make. Many contemporary skylights feature sunlight monitoring, lenses, or mirrored surfaces which provide light without heat loss or gain. Moreover, whether a fixed skylight or comparable choice is far better than a ventilated skylight is a question you will want to answer. Bear in mind, ventilating can help with temperature control, but it is also essential for preventing the buildup of moisture. Take some time to talk to your skylight or roofing professional so you can make certain to choose the ideal skylight.

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