EndoFLIP Brings Unprecedented Changes to Bariatric Surgeon

EndoFLIP Brings Unprecedented Changes to Bariatric Surgeon

Another clinical gadget that has been created to help bariatric specialists may give weight reduction surgery systems an extraordinary makeover.  The EndoFLIP (Endolumenal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe) Imaging System is intended to assist specialists with getting increasingly exact estimations of the shape, size and elements of the gastrointestinal tract zone. Accordingly, results of bariatric surgeries will be quantifiably progressively fruitful.  The EnsoFLIP has gotten FDA endorsement and CE checking, which implies it tends to be utilized for techniques that are not identified with clinical preliminaries. In spite of the fact that this kind of bariatric surgery is not earth shattering, the EndoFLIP itself is an imaginative instrument that not exclusively can assist specialists with updating the results of weight reduction surgeries, it can likewise be utilized for other new sorts of bariatric surgery strategies.

This new imaging innovation is presently being utilized for bariatric methods currently, giving various uses as an instrument to quantify and align:

  • the stoma, during customizable gastric banding surgery

  • the gastric pocket, during gastric detour surgery

  • the gastric sleeve, during vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Bariatric specialist s can utilize the exactness estimations given by the EndoFLIP in a few different ways, for example, to monitor and record the requirement for amendment surgery for certain gastric detour patients; to get printouts posting information on pocket volume and stoma size, which will be significant in the occasion a patient recaptures weight; and to guarantee that the gastric band stoma keeps up a predictable size during surgery.

Not just that, the EndoFLIP has filled in as a significant device to use for another new weight reduction methodology, one that is particularly hailed by specialists and patients the same since it is reversible, and the gastric imbrication best bariatric surgeon in telangana. No sort of clinical inserts are utilized and none of the stomach is evacuated in the gastric imbrications, which despite everything can decrease the stomach size, and thus help the patient to constrain nourishment consumption.  The system can be contrasted with the gastric sleeve, however no stomach tissue is evacuated and a bigger measure of the stomach is collapsed over and secured with join.

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